Classic Italian food in the heart of Brisbane

Dining Room

Literally Step into a different world    

Our 1920’s art deco inspired dining room easily creates an enchanting and warm atmosphere from a grander time enjoyed by previous generations. The attention to detail with vintage dining booths, rustic mirrors, tile mosaics, textured light fittings to the beautifully styled embossed high set ceiling tiles creates a classical and relaxed ambience. The dining room is designed to be memorable and is the foundational setting to create a remarkable experience, but this only one half to the equation. Our team of passionate professionals is what creates a beautiful dining room into a buzzing world with great experiences shared with friends and loved ones.


We learn, laugh and grow as a team in this kitchen

Not necessarily a dramatic selling point to the un-concerning client, it’s important for us to communicate Tartufo’s ethos. We take great pride in our kitchen and it’s the beating heart that is vitally connected all other aspects of the restaurant. Our spacious kitchen is a hive of activity that challenges, uplifts, teaches and supports every single person who steps foot inside it. Tony credits his overwhelming reason for his success, to the hard working and dedicated individuals that make up his ever evolving team.  


pizza verace napoletana: the meaning is simple – true neapolitan pizza

Our acclaimed pizzeria is a wholesome reflection on our entire ethos of traditional Italian food, done with high quality fresh ingredients, by passionate professionals. Each chef that enters our pizzeria must have the highest level of attention to detail with every aspects of this open air, public facing kitchen. Come watch our chefs do some ‘pizza tossing’, which is not just showboating action for attention, it’s actually a really effective and gentle method to shape and stretch  the dough whilst forming an outer crust.  

Tartufo is honoured to be an official internationally registered member (#595) of the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana or AVPN. The AVPN describes itself as: “The International Regulation is a set of codified rules, orally transmitted by Neapolitan’s generation of pizzamaker, passed down from father to son. In 1984 Antonio Pace and Lello Surace reunited the most important and famous pizza maker of the time to write down the fundamental rules in order to recognize and differentiate theTrue Neapolitan Pizza from the other type of pizza, giving it the maximum dignity.

The foundation of the the codified rules set by the AVPN focus on the following:

How to prepare the True Neapolitan Pizza
The ingredients
The preparation
The leavening
Forming the pizza base
The cooking

Fundamentally pizza was considered the poor man’s food, until 1889 when Raffaele Esposito was summoned by the royal house of Naples to make a pizza for Queen Margherita. It has been stated that he came up with a pizza that resembled the Italian flag, green (basil), white (mozzarella) and red (tomato). In honour of this even this particular pizza recipe was called this Pizza Margherita.

Our pizza is cooked between 30 to 60 seconds and it is to be eaten immediately. The cordone (outer crust), whilst a some people around the world don’t eat it, we highly recommend you do.


Exceptional food needs exceptional drinks, come relax with us

Just quietly, our bar it’s not just a functioning part to the restaurant, itself is a superb place to escape and relax. We take phenomenal pride in our culture and believe that our bar holds its own as a destination to try our extensive wine range, mind-blowing cocktails, handpicked Italian beers and even just exquisite short black coffee. Choose from classic outdoor tables overlooking the bustle of the Emporium precinct, to a relax but sophisticated seat at the bar or even your own intimate booth. As Tony likes to say, “come share a glass or Prosecco with me, Saluti”.

Fresh PastA & Bread

We take extensive pride in making our own fresh pasta, bread & pizza dough

We are all about traditional and authentic Italian cuisine, so it’s an absolute must that we make our own fresh pizza dough, pasta and bread. Attention to detail is what helps us distinguish ourselves when it comes to every aspect of our business. Our constant communication with our external suppliers (local farmers, olive oil producers, fishmongers etc) yields us the highest quality produce to work with.

Quality, fresh bread made daily is just as important as working with fresh produce from local farmers. Where possible we strive to stick with the traditions that were handed down from generation to generation, family to family. Genuine fresh pasta is an experience that will overwhelming redefine your experience with taste, texture and enjoyment.

A La Carte Menu